Perfect Fit Blinds fit neatly into the frame of the window without drilling or screwing. The blind is simply clicked into position using discreet brackets which cant be seen once the Blind is fitted.

Perfect Fit Blinds from Dove Blinds

Enhances Privacy

Perfect Fit Blinds can also enhance privacy and improve insulation-the perfect fit frame covers any light gaps and reduces draughts from around the sides of the blind.

Perfect Fit Blinds from Dove Blinds

Clutter Free

The window sills remain clear and clutter free as the blind sits flush with the glass and is raised and lowered using a thumb tab-no messy cords resting on the sill.

Perfect Fit Blinds from Dove Blinds


Perfect Fit Blinds are also available in Pleated, Venetian and Roller. They have the appearance of being fully integral to the window and are the ideal solution for tilt and turn windows-the blind stays in place even when the window is open.

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Bali Cream Perfect Fit Blind
Creped Amber Perfect Fit Blind
Lite Perfect Fit Blind
Bronze Perfect Fit Blind
Snowfall Perfect Fit Blind
Burnt Orange Perfect Fit Blinds